Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Windows Phone Officially Launched in India

Microsoft has launched Windows Phone in India at an event held in Taj Mahal Hotel, Delhi. At the event held this morning, Microsoft execs talked about the features of WP 7.5, marketplace and also introduced some regional apps like TOI and Snapdeal.

Talking on the device front, a total of 3 Mango smartphones will available to choose from at the beginning. HTC Radar has been launched at a price tag of Rs.23,990. Samsung Omnia W and Acer Allegro will follow in November. Omnia W will be sold at a price of Rs.19,990 and Allegro handset is said to be an affordable one.

Meanwhile, Nokia India Managing Director D.Shivakumar has told ET that Nokia Windows Phones will hit the Indian Market in the first quarter of 2012.

 ”Work for the Windows phone is on track and it would be launched in the first quarter of next (calendar) year.”


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