Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Nokia Tune Remake

Italian DJ Valerio Alessandro Sizzi has won the Nokia Tune Remake Contest which aimed to re-imagine the classic Nokia tune. The Italian who made a dubstep version of the Nokia tune will receive a prize amount of $10000 and 5 runner-ups will receive $1000 each. The remake contest was announced on  September 5, 2011.
This is the first time Nokia is inviting people to work with the iconic tune with the winning tune to be placed next to the standard Nokia Tune in a selection of the company 2012 product portfolio. The tune should be fresh, expressive, original, creative yet distinctively a Nokia Tune. All collaborations are welcome.
Out of the 6000+ entries received, 10 of them were shortlisted and the decision was left to a 7-member judging panel which included:
  • Kai Bronner, one of the founders of Audio Branding Academy
  • Julian Treasure, known for his TED talks and author of ‘Sound Business’
  • Mark Dewings, head of Brand & Marketing Communications at SoundCloud
  • Marko Ahtisaari, Nokia’s own SVP of Design
Speaking of the winning tune, Nokia Sound Design Manager Tapio Hakanen said:
“The winner represents very much the sound of now with its energetic dubstep take on the Nokia Tune. It uses the 24-second running time cleverly having a clear intro, mid section and ending, all sitting nicely next to each other. This was one of the many examples of the Nokia Tune’s melodic flexibility.”

You can listen to the winning entry in the player below.

Also check out the Top 10 tunes and all the submitted entries here.


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