Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pops For Android: Theme Your Alerts

  • Android App Of The Week- Gizmodo
Doesn't quite like the notifications that appear on the 'notification bar' ? Pops for Android can make them exciting and fun. It lets you put customized videos and animations as your notification tones, so that every time you get a notification, one of these custom animations (there are a lot to choose from) will show up, with the notification message. On the notification screen, you can then either dismiss the notification, jump to  the app to read your message or go to settings or share it.  It supports a lot of stuff that gives out notifications like SMS, Email, Facebook, twitter, WhatsApp, Google + and Viber. The best thing, it is available for FREE.

If you didn't like any of the animations the app has to offer, then you can make one with your own videos/photos. Even though it may sound a bit annoying, it is actually not (may be a little) since it would show up only when the screen is off. It also aggregates all the notifications from the supported services into one place. Excited to try it out ? Here is the link.

Note: It asks you to login into Gmail, twitter and Facebook to enable notifications (with full permissions).