Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Boot to Gecko - Mobile OS from Mozilla

'Boot to Gecko' is an interesting mobile OS project from Mozilla which is in its earlier days of development.
B2G is an early-stage, exploratory project with the goal of building a complete, standalone operating system for the open Web. We believe that the next frontier for Web applications is full device integration, so that Web developers have the same capabilities as those building for OS-specific stacks. Boot To Gecko is intended to identify those missing device capabilities and other application needs, and design standardized solutions for app developers to use. 
It aims to enable developers to develop web apps which are equivalent to the native ones found in iOS, Android, WP7, etc and plans to make use of them. Mozilla makes it clear that they don't want these web apps to run only atop B2G or in Firefox. The B2G dev team now consists of only 3 people doing part time coding for this project, but they are planning to ramp it up. They are also open to cooperation with OEMs. Current roadmap reveals that we may see a product demo in Q1 2012.


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