Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Microsoft launches on{x} Exclusive For Android: Promise To Automate Your Life

Guess who just launched one of the best app ever to make it into android market place. It is Microsoft !! on{x}is an incredible app which lets you automate your life (or part of it). It'll remind you to take your umbrella on a rainy day, play music when you decides to take a walk or alert your wife when you live the office. Microsoft has launched several recipes, that you can readily push to your droid and use. If you know a bit of scripting using java-script, get ready to experiment with it and make  your own recipes (you can even share them, so once this takes off, you'll be able to find lot of community developed recipes).

To use the app you should log in through facebook and once you are done with it, you can start pushing recipes from your pc to your phone. Sorry, forgot one thing, it is for ANDROID (finally something really awesome comes to android first and not iOS). You can get the app from here or just go to google play store and get it from there for free.

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