Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Windows Phone Mango Arrives

  Microsoft has released the most anticipated Mango update to the Windows Phone. It brings 500+ new features to Windows Phone 7. Reviews from the major tech sites and initial user opinions have been overwhelmingly positive.

  Windows Phone 7 was released almost an year ago. It brought with it the Metro UI which is now poised to become the unified UI across the whole Windows ecosystem. At the time of launch, Windows Phone lacked several key features like multitasking and copy-paste as the OS was prepared from scratch after they abandoned Windows Mobile. Most of those drawbacks have been taken care of in Mango.

  As per Andy Lees, President of Windows Phone division, what made Windows Phone different from Android and iOS was that it took a totally different approach. Phones were becoming more of application launchers and they clearly wanted a clear departure from that style. Major tech and gadget sites reinforce it by saying that Windows Phone 7.5 is the second best smartphone OS in the market after iOS in terms of design and usability.

 Despite all that, Windows Phone needs to play serious catchup with Android and iOS in terms of market share and quality of apps. MS is betting on Nokia to gain volumes as they have decided to replace Symbian with WP. They are expected to unveil the first Nokia WP on October 26, 2011.  Also the future of apps for WP also looks bright with the new improvements introduced in Mango.

  On the other hand, iOS5 is coming and so is Android Ice Cream Sandwich. Competition is about to heat up. After all, a healthy competition between the big three tech titans is nonetheless going to be beneficial for the end users.
Windows Phone Mango


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