Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Goggle It !

When in doubt, google it. But what will you do, when you don't know what to google for ?
Well google already has an answer, you goggle it. If you own an android or Iphone then head over to the market place and search for goggles. It is an image search app (yes, the same feature from google, that lets you search for similar images) and more. It lets you take an image and after a brief 007 scanning animation, it'll give you results based on the image you captured. For eg. if you took the picture of your puppy dog, it'll say what breed it is; or find out what is being served to you in that fancy Chinese restaurant (死狗浸在酱油 anyone ??). Sounds cool ? there is more; It can translate text (imagine your relief, when you finally understand the menu in 'alien' restaurants), find out your location (you need a landmark; unless you are the president your home won't work), find books (it is integrated with google books as well), scan business cards (and save it as text), identify products (or logos), art works and more. It is a work in progress so if it didn't work, well it didn't; so don't brag about finding something weird when using it. (try scanning yourself for a change :B )

A video from google, about this app:


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