Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Friday for Android

Friday is another app from Dexetra which acts as your personal journal and answers questions about you.

Friday is an application for Android, which builds a personality of the user from various information streams like Calls, Mails, Places, Status updates etc. and provides answers, analytics and journal to the user. Consider it as a personal Wikipedia, or Wolfram Alpha. Friday has a very powerful answering engine to whom you can ask questions, just like you would to a real person. Friday uses the cloud to store your information so that you can access your phone information from the web and other devices.

Over the past few months, the app has evolved to include more complex technologies and features. Friday runs in the background and using its intelligent data daemon, it creates semantic map of the users' activities. Users can add more details to existing information by adding extra tags, notes and posts.

You can signup for an invite here.


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