Saturday, September 24, 2011

Kinect-based Object Digitization

Kinect has been a ground breaking product in the technology arena. It is the fastest selling gadget ever as per Guinness World Records. Since the launch, Kinect hacking community has come up with interesting implementations of depth scanning. Meanwhile, Microsoft tapped MS Research to bring more Kinect based features to XBOX and introduced Kinect Fun Labs at E3 2011. It has a set of fun games utilizing the 3D models of real world objects.

The technology powering Kinect Fun Labs is named 'Kinect-Based Object Digitization' which has been developed by Microsoft Research Asia.

"The Kinect-based Object Digitization project enables the creation of 3-D objects based on just a couple of snapshots. Color/depth images of the front and the back of an object are registered quickly in two dimensions, and a GPU-based surface reconstruction results in a smooth 3-D model."

In the video below, the researchers reveal more details about this technology.

There is also another similar project called 'KinectFusion'. It is from the MSR lab in Cambridge, England. Check out the video below.


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